The shaggy haircut is a perfect fit in the modern world of the hair industry. Hundreds of women now prefer messy voluminous effortless looks over polished, it is necessary to review shaggy. Here you will find the main techniques that stylists use to achieve a perfect haircut as well as top hairstyling options for today’s cut. 


  How Does One Make a Shaggy?

There are many variants of this haircut and the technique can vary. Nevertheless, some of the main characteristics will always stay the same. For example, regardless of the hair length, shaggy will always be a voluminous style with chaotically cut uneven turn ends. This provides the required shagginess and messiness. A common technique is to section the hair and lift the section with a brush-up. The strands should form a flat line so that when the hair is loosed it will be of different length. 

As a finishing detail, stylist usually makes torn uneven strands by chaotically cutting through the ends. As for the different options of shaggy, some methods can change a bit. For example, you can add the side or classic bangs. Some go for an asymmetrical haircut with one side visibly longer than the other. 


Top Hairstyling Options

  • If you want to stick with the classic styling, you should make the hair straight but very messy and voluminous. It will create a sort of effortless casual look that will be suitable for both everyday life or an evening out. 
  • Another option is to make the waves. This technique will work best on medium to long hair. Wavy strands will also create a volumizing effect and provide the necessary texture. 
  • Women with medium shaggy can go for waved-out ends. It means that the ends will be waived in the outside direction. 

One can also make the look with separate strands that are styled in a different direction without any pattern. Looks bold and sexy. If you want to leave the hair completely straight, it is possible. But we recommend using texturizing sprays to create some shape. It may be a surprise, but even curly hair can be done with shaggy. The classic option is to make it with classic forehead bang and cut the strands in different length. 

In this perspective, shaggy is a beautiful long-time favorite haircut that is rightfully gaining its popularity. If you are interested in going for it, check out our hairstyle and haircut options to choose a perfect shaggy for yourself. 

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