There is no surprise that shaggy haircut that was created in the nineteen fifties has gained its popularity back. First of all, messy voluminous looks are very trendy today and shaggy is perfect for that reason. Moreover, it has numerous advantages. It will look flattering on any hair type from thick to extremely thin. In addition to this, this haircut can be made on any length. That is what we will cover today: options of shaggy haircut for short, medium, and long hair.


Short Haircuts

Shaggy and shorter strands are a perfect combination as it is quite easy to make and maintain the volume which is a crucial part. If we were to consider options on this length, there are several. For example, you can go for a shaggy bob. The idea is to cut short the strands on the back of the head in a chaotic manner and prolong the side ones. You can also add classic or side bangs as both look beautiful. Moreover, one can make a short shaggy asymmetrical with one side visibly longer than the other. As for the styling techniques, the most common is to make a messy look with torn uneven ends.


Medium Haircuts

As for the medium cuts, there are a lot of options here too: 

  • You can always go for a classic shaggy lob which is a prolonged version of the bob. But instead of cutting the hairs even, it should be done chaotically to keep the shag. 
  • Another way is to add a classic forehead bang to the cut. The rest of the hair can be done in layers with torn ends. 
  • Similar to the previous one, it is possible to make the shaggy asymmetrical with classic bang leaning on one side. 

Generally speaking, you can cut the hair any way you prefer as shaggy does not have a clear pattern. One rule – all the strands should at least slightly differ in length to create the messy chaotic look.


Long Haircuts

Longs shaggy haircuts look beautiful and elegant but require more styling time. As for the top cut options, it would be a classic choice to have a classic forehead bang with the rest of the hair symmetrical but uneven in length. Some women also go for a bold option: the upper layers of hair on the back are short while the lower ones remain long. This risky haircut will work best for younger girls with thick hair. It is important to recognize that without a proper styling, a long shaggy cut is not possible. That is why we recommend using fixating and texturizing sprays that will help to create and maintain volume.

In this perspective, it is clear that shaggy is a trendy but universal cut that can be achieved on any hair type and length. Turn to our list of options to choose a perfect kind for yourself and guaranteed you will not be disappointed.

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