There is no doubt that hair look is a very important part of a woman’s whole image. But nowadays there are so many haircut options it is almost impossible to choose. That is why we decided to review one of the old-time favorite cuts that had become a classic – shaggy. Here we will cover its features, advantages and offer some flattering options. Click the link to see even more. 


Characteristics of the Cut

This season, a careless messy shaggy haircut is becoming more and more popular. To understand its concept, you just need to visualize its name and you will get a pretty accurate idea about the cut. Its main feature is shaggy chaotic hair. It can be an entire head or simply some parts such as bangs or separate strands. However, it is classic to leave up to 90 percent of the hair shaggy. This haircut may resemble well-known layered cuts. They are similar with only one difference: layers are made with a certain symmetry and pattern, while shaggy haircut is performed in a completely chaotic manner. 


Advantages of the Haircut

As for the advantages of the shaggy haircut, it has a whole lot of them. 

  1. The most obvious one is the volumizing effect. By creating chaotic messy uneven strands, one will receive an exceptional volume and shape. That is why, this option is perfect for thin hair. 
  2. Shaggy can be easily customized. As we have already determined, there is no clear pattern for hair. It means that it can be made specifically for a person considering the face and head shape as well as other features. 
  3. It is universal. It will look good on both younger girls and mature women. This haircut can also be done of different hair length starting from extremely short to long. Consequently, this haircut has a lot of undeniable advantages that make it so attractive. Check it there.


Shaggy Haircut Options

There are so many different ways to do this cut that each woman will definitely be able to find a flattering option for herself. For example, if we were to consider short hair, you can do a trendy shaggy bob with shorter strands on the back of the head and longer side bangs. Another option is to make symmetrical short shaggy with side-bangs that will be chaotically torn. 

As for the medium length, you can always go with different kinds of a lob: asymmetrical, classic with side bangs or one-sided. If you have thicker hair you may want to consider using fixating strays and gels to hold the volume that is essential for out cut. 

Long hair and shaggy is a gorgeous combination. You can choose a classic option with uneven torn strands of hair. Another strategy is to add bangs that make the cut look even richer. You can also go for asymmetrical one-sided bangs with messy strands of different length, check this option on the site. Key for longer hair is styling as it requires more effort to keep the volume throughout the day.  

As you can see, shaggy is a gorgeous trendy universal haircut that can look good on anyone. Use our tips from the article and you will have success with this haircut.