Hey there, style enthusiasts! If you’re on the hunt for a hairstyle that’s trendy, chic, and utterly flattering, then you’re in for a treat. We’re diving headfirst into the world of medium length hairstyles with bangs, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer.

Embrace the Magic of Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs

Ladies, listen up – medium length hairstyles with bangs are your new secret weapon. Not only do they offer an effortlessly stylish look, but they also come with a host of benefits that are hard to ignore. From easy styling to the freedom of experimentation, this length is where it’s at.

Styling Tips for Rocking Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs

Wondering how to nail that perfect look? Fear not, because styling medium length hair with bangs is a breeze. Here’s your step-by-step guide:

  1. Prep Your Hair: After a good shampoo, towel-dry your hair. Then, apply a volume-boosting product at the roots and a smoothing lotion for blow-drying.
  2. Section and Blow-Dry: Divide your hair into five sections – back bottom, back top, top, and both sides. Start blow-drying with a paddle brush, focusing on your bangs. Next, grab a medium-sized round brush for the rest of your hair.
  3. Flip and Dry: As you blow-dry, flip those ends out for a touch of flair. Once your hair is dry, add a mist of argan oil to the ends for a glossy finish.
  4. Hold it in Place: Seal the deal with a spritz of flexible hold hair spray. Voilà – you’re all set to dazzle!

Explore the Bangin’ Variety of Medium Hairstyles

Let’s take a closer look at the incredible variety of medium length hairstyles with bangs that are bound to steal your heart.

Long Bangs for Effortless Style

Got a busy morning routine? Long bangs swept to the side are your go-to solution. These bad boys will save you time while keeping you fabulous.

Feathering vs. Layering: The Lowdown

If you’re wondering about the difference between feathering and layering, here’s the scoop. Feathering shapes those ends for texture, while layering creates varying lengths throughout your hair. Each brings its own unique charm to the table.

Flirty Side-Swept Bangs for a Playful Touch

Looking to add some flirtatious flair to your look? Side-swept bangs are your answer. They’re versatile and can transform your everyday style into something special.

The Wet-Dry Bang Dilemma: Solved

Cutting your own bangs? Remember this golden rule – always cut hair when it’s dry. Wet hair stretches, and you don’t want any unexpected short bang mishaps, right?

Center-Parted Bangs for Oval and Round Faces

Center-parted bangs are all the rage for oval and round faces. They stand out beautifully, especially when you’re rocking an updo. Simple, stylish, and oh-so-gorgeous.

Thick Straight Bangs for a Statement Look

Thick bangs aren’t just stylish, they’re strategic. They help balance your features and add fullness to your crown. Plus, they’re perfect for medium-length stunners.

Wispy Bangs for a Subtle Framing Effect

Want a framing touch that’s subtle yet effective? Wispy bangs are the answer. They blend seamlessly with both straight and wavy textures, offering a flirty and well-balanced look.

medium length hairstyle

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Rock the Youthful Vibe with Blunt Bangs

For a playful, youthful vibe, go blunt. These bangs can transform your appearance by framing your forehead and taking years off your look. A win-win!

Spice it Up with Arched Bangs

Ladies, if you’re looking to level up your style game, arched bangs are where it’s at. They strike a balance between wispy and blunt, and they suit every face shape like a charm.

Enter the Elegance of Curtain Bangs

Struggling with fine hair? Curtain bangs to the rescue! These soft, sweeping bangs add volume and a chic modern touch to your medium cut. Layered hair? Yes, please!

Short Bangs: The New Classic

Short bangs are officially the cool new classic. Whether you’re rocking short or long hair, these bangs bring oomph and charm to any hairstyle.

50 Medium Length Hairstyles with Bangs to Try This Year

Oh, the ’70s and ’90s are back, and so is the magic of medium hair with bangs. Gone are the days when fringes felt awkward – now they’re your style statement. Let’s explore some fabulous options!

Shoulder-Length Chic

Add body and character to your hair with tousled shoulder-length hairstyles featuring bangs and shaggy layers. An uneven touch keeps it fresh and oh-so-classy.

Effortlessly Elegant

Lion’s mane? Meet layered curtain bangs – effortlessly cool and refreshingly low-maintenance. The perfect match for a stylishly carefree you.

Years off with Highlights

Want to shed a few years? Opt for the right shoulder-length haircut with bangs. Arrange those front layers and bangs to create a soft and flattering frame for your face.

Wispy Beauty for Round Faces

Round faces, rejoice! Medium hairstyles with bangs and wispy texture can beautifully frame your features. It’s all about that flattering framing.

Embrace the Curls

Tame your unruly curly hair with a medium-length haircut featuring a soft fringe and thinned-out ends. A touch of control for those wild locks.

The Fashion-Forward Choice

Ready for a bold move? Go for wispy shoulder-length hair with bangs. The color complements your skin tone, giving you an elegant and effortlessly cool finish.

Romantically Messy

Feeling romantic? Let those wisps of hair sweep languidly across your face. The result? Effortless and free-spirited beauty that turns heads.

Classic Brown Elegance

Classic lovers, this one’s for you. Traditional brown locks with youthful waves are always a hit. Straight, long bangs add a touch of chic to this timeless look.

Sleek and Chic

Got finer locks? Elevate them with side bangs and feathered ends. A sleek and chic look that’s ready to conquer any occasion.

Sultry and Mysterious Vibes

Want to exude sultriness? Try the trendy shoulder-length hair with bangs look. Sweep those bangs to the side and hide a big forehead under wispy strands.

Shaggy Waves and Contrast

Thin or fine hair? No problem! Layers can plump it up effortlessly. Shaggy waves meet straight, eyebrow-grazing bangs for a stunning contrast.

Grungy Glamour

Messy is in, and it’s here to stay. Embrace your edgy side with a grungy bob featuring pointy ends and a crisp, shattered fringe. Hello, rockstar!

The Beauty of Layers

Balance your face shape and give your hair dimension with thick curtain bangs. The result? Fuller-looking hair that’s as fabulous as ever.

Longer Cut, Longer Bangs

Who says long hair must pair with short bangs? Embrace the longer cut with equally long bangs, beautifully cut with soft graduation for that perfect touch.

The Wavy Elegance

Whether you opt for curtain bangs or a wispy fringe, both look gorgeous with medium-length wavy hair. Those wispy, razored layers are a round face’s best friend.

The Ever-Changing Style

Versatility is the name of the game. With medium haircuts and bangs, you’re in for a journey. Switch from mostly straight to shaggy layers with a cropped jagged fringe – the possibilities are endless.

Beachy Vibes

Loose, beachy waves get an upgrade when paired with long, layered bangs. A dreamy look that’s perfect for those who love subtle transformations.

Youthful Charm

Ladies over 50, listen up! Thin choppy fringe and messy layers give you volume and vitality. A perfect choice for a fresh and youthful appearance.

medium length hairstyle

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A Touch of Messy Chic

Who can resist the allure of a shaggy collarbone haircut? A messy chic style that never goes out of fashion, it’s a winner for sure.

Elegant Playfulness

Looking for a hairstyle that’s playful and elegant? Meet the shaggy lob with arched bangs. Layers and waves combine for added volume, making it perfect for fine hair.

Embrace the Grunge

Embrace the grunge with Joan Jett’s shaggy cut and spiky bangs. This messy, voluminous look is perfect for those with unruly hair.

The See-Through Beauty

It’s all about the see-through piece-y bangs, framing your face and adding that touch of sexy and cute. A chic look that’s effortlessly charming.

Sleek and Stylish

Sleek hair and side-swept bangs – a match made in heaven! This style is perfect for those with straight, flat hair, offering a polished yet edgy vibe.

Frame it Right

The medium shag with curtain bangs is a winner for all face shapes. Add some highlights to play up the dimension of your hair – a style that’s as versatile as it is stunning.

The Allure of Blonde

Light brown hair shines with blonde highlights, creating a hairstyle that’s as fascinating as it is mesmerizing. A look that’s bound to turn heads.

Age-Defying Beauty

Age is just a number, especially with a medium sliced haircut and bangs that soften your features. Say hello to a style that defies time.

Swept to Perfection

Side-swept bangs are your secret weapon for slimming down your face. Plus, they bring an air of fanciness that’s hard to resist.

Volume and Trendiness

The curtain fringe is all about volume and trendiness. Choppy layers and wavy texture combine to create a look that’s both bold and beautiful.

Embrace the Korean Bangs

Get a versatile look that elongates your face with long see-through bangs. Add a touch of softness and femininity to your appearance.

The Power of Bottleneck Bangs

Thick bottleneck bangs perfectly complement medium-length hair. They’re both stylish and strategic, adding volume and charm to your look.

Swoop it Up

Swoopy bangs that reach half your hair length? Absolutely stunning! Whether you choose curtain bangs or a different style, you’ll be turning heads.

Blonde Elegance

Blonde highlights bring this shoulder-length bob to life. The combination of straight bangs and wavy ends creates a harmonious and captivating style.

Sleek and Professional

Looking for a versatile look that transitions effortlessly from office to party? Look no further than this sleek style that frames your face beautifully.

Casual Waves

Casual waves and a solid brown hue come together for a look that’s relaxed yet utterly captivating. Prepare to be the center of attention every day.

Asian Influence

Asian-inspired bangs and a blunt cut bring a touch of elegance to this chic shoulder-length haircut. See-through bangs highlight your eyes and cheekbones.

A Boost for Thin Hair

Thin or fine hair? No worries – long bangs and layers will give your locks a much-needed boost. Volume and style, all in one fabulous package.

The Bold Touch

Ready to make a bold statement? Red highlights on brunette hair add drama and flair. A medium shag with lowlights that’s perfect for turning heads.

A Choppy Transformation

Considering bangs for the first time? Start with straight bangs, expertly chopped for that cute and carefree vibe. A look that’s effortlessly chic.

The Crown of Beauty

Medium skin tones and a long face shape? Meet the inverted dirty blonde lob with a soft curtain fringe. A style that’s as elegant as it is striking.

Effortless Ash Blonde

Ash blonde highlights breathe new life into this medium-length brown hair. The wispy layers add texture and style to your stunning look.

The Soft and Youthful Touch

Looking for a youthful touch? Soft baby bangs are the way to go. A low-maintenance style that exudes charm and innocence.

Sassy Auburn Allure

Auburn highlights on a brunette collarbone haircut create a look that’s both sassy and elegant. Short bangs and wavy lengths bring a touch of excitement.

Beachy and Effortless

Step off the beach and onto the streets with this wet medium beach waves look. Effortless and chic, it’s perfect for those who crave beachy vibes.

A Quirky Charm

Short bangs on medium hair are the new classic. Playful, chic, and versatile – a fringe that adds character to any look.

The Playful Long Bangs

Long bangs bring playfulness to your medium hair. A fun and fuss-free option for those who want a stylish look without the hassle.

Embrace the Change

After seeing these trendy medium hairstyles with bangs, aren’t you tempted to try something new this season? Embrace change and give your hair a fresh twist!