There is no doubt that shaggy bob is an interesting and trendy haircut choice that is worth reviewing. Before considering it for the straight hair, let’s define the cut itself. It is a combination of two cuts: shaggy and classic bob. From the former, we need to take the chaotic cutting technique and volume. As for the latter, the classic bob shape is necessary. 

Several characteristics that make shaggy bob distinctive: 

  • The hair on the back of the head is usually cut much shorter than the front strands. 
  • The difference can be slight if chosen but should always be there. 
  • There should be no clear pattern on how to cut the strands: it is usually done chaotically to create torn uneven ends. 
  • Nevertheless, the symmetry should be preserved to create a classic bob shape. 

Haircut Options for Straight Hair

Shaggy bob is a universal haircut. Today we will focus on options for straight hair and recommend styling technique. Before discussing hairstyles, it is important to choose the haircut options. There are several that work for straight hair. For example, you can go with a classic shaggy bob with symmetrical sides. However, more and more women choose to have bangs as they visually add volume. You can go for classic forehead bangs and even sides. This option will look elegant and classy. Another way is to make it asymmetrical. It means that the bang will lean on one side more and the length of the strands gradually increase. It also visibly adds more volume and shape to the cut. As for the length, it can be different: from extremely to reasonably short. 


Hairstyling Options for Straight Hair

Hairstyling is the most important step. Do you want to know the reason why? Well, because shaggy is all about texture and volume. And as we know, straight strands do not usually create that on their own. To avoid the haircut looking flats, here are some styling options. You can leave the hair straight, but it should be textured and voluminous. The best way to do that is with special gels and a fan with and brush. You can also go in a slightly different direction: you can make the strands feathered and messy. They will technically still be straight, but you will still get that bouffant look essential to shaggy bob. And the last option: if you have trouble styling the strands these two ways, you can make a slight almost invisible wave. 

To sum everything up, shaggy bob is a great haircutting choice that can look phenomenal on straight hair. However, spend that extra time on the styling process as it will provide you with a much-needed texture, volume, and shape. 

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